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WELCOME department managers from our pre-selected, vetted list of Managment Consulting Companies.  Your presence has been thus anticipated by your company's & department's existence on DDD's go-to-market profile <== Click the link for the list.

Digitally Dominant Data, a 501(c)3 research & services division of Digitally Dominant Automotive, addresses everyone's security & privacy issues, by making market research data anonymous but invaluable w/psychometric & social-geo-demographic tags, revealing the multiple traits & patterns of archetypes & multi-dimensional analysis of each person's needs, motivations, value systems & experiences*... 10+ years in the making*... 

Our data reveals these highly predictable (probable) individual traits & behavior patterns by anonymous psychometric tags (the most *insightful metric), albeit 100% anonymous (e.g. Identities/names removed; multi-group & psychometric tags inserted; Big Data analytics applied;  and albeit anonymous (protecting people's privacy), our data (that you will find nowhere else) adds depth, pattern analysis & behavior prediction to all remarketing data.  

‎All ‎data sales & services are 501(c)3 tax deductibles, in addition to the philanthropic goodwill value & anonymous psychometric data insight.

< A>  As the “the ‎socially responsible thing to do” (anonymous social credits fueling research & personal social responsibility), the service provides helpful anonymous comparison (public & scientific interest), from members with similar ‎psychometric tags, on almost any topic. It will also serve as an indispensable distribution channel for medical & industry ‎surveys, rewarding the member’s 501(c)3, for more honest survey results, since the survey rewards are for each ‎person’s favorite 501(c)3 vs. direct compensation. ‎

Psychometric data & anonymous daily behavior are invaluable to socially responsible industries, whose research is often based on finding ‎statistically significant correlations (patterns) between psychometrics, geography, race, religion, political view, sexual aversion, etc., that can't be found anywhere else & why it is so valuable for research & philanthropy - especially because it is anonymous & fact-based.

< B >  We're currently accepting (A) Anonymous data sale deposits & LOIs (for donor's philanthropy) from Big Data buyers and ‎‎(B) Equity partner bids from 501(c)3 & GDPR-related, management consulting partner(s), for (C) a Philanthropic road ‎show & (D) Facebook alignment to follow, supported++ by (E) our new consulting, research, club & franchise partner(s).  

Click HERE to see the (Big 6 & other) management consulting companies (and departments) we have "deemed worthy" as partners based on your GDPR, psychometric, CSR, marketing, IT & philanthropic expertise/specialization.  If your company is not included, and you have interest, please contact us.

< C >  As a special services business that turns anonymous psychometric data into social data credit, DDD's partnership is a 'sweet' ‎deal for a big management consulting partner, as: (1) being a 501(c)3, for their partner & their clients, DDD services ‎are a deductible vs. a business expense, (2) for DDD’s 10+ years research & best practices, (3) the services business+ ‎that partners will get (at good rates; nobody on the bench), (4) all the psychographic research data partners can use & ‎sell, (5) the positive branding of philanthropy for DDD partners, hosts, sponsors & members, and (6) all of the funds that this will ‎generate for 501(c)3 philanthropy (from saving dogs to medical research).

Harnessing anonymous psychometric research data for socially responsible use, transforms ‎the extraordinary ‎value of anonymous market research into a ‎extraordinary amount of social ‎impact & business intelligence. Here, ‎anonymous social interaction data becomes a social ‎currency for people & ‎their causes, along with a foundation for ‎actionable business insight.

Our business & future are about really Big Data, a philanthropic economy, trust, openness ‎& sterling service(s) integrity. It is also about helping our best competitors establish this industry, as one of the most ‎knowledgeable consultancies of consumer licensed, anonymous psychometric data.

Please proceed to the DDD PORTAL.


90 Logan St, Watsonville, CA & 1332 Lincoln St, Longmont, CO


Email:  & Phone: +1 303 800 5766