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Digitally Dominant Data

Invaluable, Deep, Anonymous, Authenticated Psychometric Comparative Insight & Goodwill, as a 501(c)3 tax deductible that benefits our donor's philanthropy & yours; Guaranteed Integrity-by-design; GDPR compliant; turn liabilities into invaluable assets & much more; welcome.

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Digitally Dominant Data, & the Anonymous Psychometric Research Data Market of 'Comparative Insight'

We are the New People's Champions of Socially Responsible Security, Privacy, Research, Marketing & Funding for worthy R&D Philanthropy; We HarnesPsychometrics, Biometrics & Anonymity, while monitoring usage & impact to insure integrity for this noble endeavor, for INSIGHT.  

We are offering to openly share & spread this model/ concept & technologies with reporters, futurists, business/social  celebrities & social technology poloymaths like ourselves, who can see the convergence  of philanthropy, technology, psychometrics, history, culture, religion, politics, music celebrities and BIG Data marketing, that will harness the potential of mankind's cognitive surplus for social good.  See the magic words in our highlighted 500 & 329 character statements below (what we do & its' simple keys), followed by our mission statement.

ANONYMITYINC (THE FRAMEWORK OF RESEARCH & PHILANTHROPIC INTEGRITY):  This is a zero risk offer for everyone, with significant security, privacy, psychometric insight, goodwill & financial value. We’ve ‎mastered the art of applied anonymous psychometrics for socially responsible scientific, social & business research & remarketing ‎that funds philanthropy.  

We (a) address corporate security & privacy data responsibility & liabilities (b) by licensing people’s data as ‎a trusted, 3rd party liability mitigation & consumer rights 501(c)3, (c) making all their data anonymous but invaluable w/ psychometric, ‎social & geo-demographic tags, (d) for socially responsible research & remarketing, (e) that funds their 501(c)3 philanthropy, (f) based on popularity ‎& its’ social impact rating; (g) w/ all data monitored for socially responsible usage & anonymity ('Anonymos' in ancient Greece meant 'nameless').

SERVICES:  THIS IS A 501(c)3 SOLUTION FOR: SECURITY, PRIVACY & SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE RESEARCH, MARKETING & FUNDING THAT BENEFITS PHILANTHROPY, and ‎the anonymous psychometric data market (invaluable psychometric research data & services – sold as a charitable CSR donation of social ‎responsibility).  Similarly, we offer a dozen+ consulting services from GDPR, 501(c)3, BIG data & psychometric research consulting (managing privacy liability, research, marketing, funding, CSR, etc.)... to marketing & managing socially responsible data usage and 501(c)3 social impact ratings for Anonymityinc (anonymous psychometric data that benefits philanthropy), that now also includes a host's referral income of up to $0.05/member/day, in addition to extended data access.  

FEATURES: Predict behavior to stimuli, needs, motivations & values; eliminate security & privacy concerns; secure & ‎support 501(c)3 ‎R&D philanthropy/funding; fuel invaluable market & medical research; integrity guaranteed-by-design; ‎no purchase required; GDPR compliant; tax deductible ‎‎501(c)3 data & services (that’s right, buying invaluable research data found nowhere else that benefits philanthropy).‎

Total anonymity, ‎philanthropy ‎& program creditability/integrity-by-design are the keys to gain the people’s trust, and psychometric + ‎behavior tags are the ‎keys to ‎unlock the scientific & marketing research potential (insight) value of licensed anonymous psychometric data.  The invaluable common value is anonymous psychometric comparative insight‎: ‎

From (a) what other people like you think ( 1/16th of the population by personality archetype) for comparison purposes, to (z) the predictable behavior by males, this age range, Facebook users, mobile device, these best hours, to this stimuli, in this zip code OR based on this event... and (b-y), everything else in between.  Because it is anonymous, it can have that level of detail - e.g. All of the other related research data you ever wanted to know.  

PROCESS:  We authenticate people’s monitored/tracked data, analyze the data - adding psychometric & emotion tags, insure it is anonymous, sell it ‎& as 501(c)3 for socially responsible research, pay off process costs, convert 50% of residual to the donor’s 501(c)3, and 50% to 501(c)3’s by ‎popularity & social impact rating.‎  

The process is "self-fulfilling" if (A) it always starts with the "anonymous psychometric insight" & Goodwill as a 501(c)3 tax deductible service (like tax processors) for data buyers, as that (B) provides strategic focus for our consulting services, with insight & more for our hosts, guaranteed by our "Integrity-by-Design" (monitor the social impact of causes & socially responsible data usage). 

THE FUTURE PSYCHOMETRIC RESEARCH INSIGHT & PHILANTHROPIC LANDSCAPE:  Harnessing anonymous psychometric research data for socially responsible use, will transform ‎the extraordinary value of ‎anonymous market research into a ‎extraordinary amount of social ‎impact & business intelligence.  Here, anonymous social ‎interaction data becomes a social ‎currency for people & ‎their causes, along with a foundation for actionable business insight.‎  

In addition to being “the ‎socially responsible thing to do”, the service provides helpful* anonymous psychometric comparison insight ('Public Interest & Scientific Research, respective to the GDPR), from members ‎w/ ‎similar ‎personality & social, geo-demographic tags (people like me), on almost any topic‎.  Albeit anonymous ‎‎(protecting privacy) and *helpful, licensed & socially responsible DEEP data research adds pattern analysis & behavior prediction ‎‎(insight) to all ‎of our sponsor's & host's remarketing data.‎

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PARTNER CANDIDATES: Please see section II below, aka our "sweet" deal.  Before franchising, with 100-1000+ people (+ support) involved, with something invaluable to offer every organization - e.g. GDPR, 501(c)3, Big Data, Psychometric research, high end IT/BI and Anonymityinc (xbenefit to 501(c)3s by social impact, social credit), considering the on-going, growing returns & most importantly the data, we'll let your actuaries guess the value (but it's pretty big if you had my 522 word story above, history, research & much more).

What we want from our ten year vision, is to see it come to fruition, like a child growing up.  We only want a small piece of something that is bigger than anyone could imagine... that is until we start releasing some of the other unique technology we've figuratively stumbled upon in taking a polymath's approach (P vs NP) to things, e.g. Seeing the patterns, or not - what you didn't know that you didn't know - most people have no idea that that is creativity (and the secret of marketing), and why DDD's first rule of research is: Assume nothing, plan for everything (e.g. Take every point of view, and more).

JONATHAN HARRIS' VIDEO (from 2007) inspired our thinking these past 10+ years; albeit his was interactive vs. anonymous, the similarity is research based on passive observance.  And as compared to social geo-demographics, we're applying biometrics to distinguish emotional character and psychometrics research based on society's 2500 year old study of needs, motivations and values, expressed as pattern analysis and behavioral predictability (probability stimulus to response).  

Effectively, Digitally Dominant Data, via its' plethora of professional consulting, marketing & research services, highlighting GDPR-SAFE™‎, ‎501c3-SME™, Psychometric research‎ & our philanthropy club,™, is merging psycho-analysis with Big Data & anonymity, to unlock this tech's potential.    

Great light classy tunes for your reading pleasure; last page or click here. Venue changes weekly. This week: Mary Chapin Carpenter - "Stones in the Road".  Directions: click here.  Your generous donations & purchase of anonymous psychometric research data benefits entertainers who support worthy social causes & fuels medical & market research. All our 501(c)3 based psychometric deep data, insight research & applied services are tax deductible, supporting a framework of guaranteed research & philanthropic integrity-by-design (the #1 element).

DDD's PSYCHOMETRIC RESEARCH SOLUTIONS: GDPR-SAFE™ & 501c3-SME™ BIG DATA Consulting, Psycho-metric Research and Philanthropy Club,™ & the anonymous psycho-metric data research market (sponsored psychometric behavior & pattern research):
Features:  Predict behavior to stimuli, needs, motivations & values; eliminate security & privacy concerns;  secure & support 501(c)3 R&D philanthropy/funding; fuel medical & market research; guaranteed Integrity-by-design; no purchase required; GDPR compliant & more; your tax deductible, deep psychometric research data & services benefits the philanthropy of your research/audience from a framework of integrity-by-design.

Saving the world's human assets & working on some of the most important, unsolved problems in computer sciences, are all in a day's work at DDD.  Please be sure to see our founder's introduction below for general consumption & our management consulting partner joint venture proposal (for bids).

We seek immediate M&A (merger and/or acquisition) by a big management consulting practice capable of best leveraging our simple solution on a global scale, that offers invaluable insights for everyone; and guarantees anonymity (namelessness, from the Greek word "anonymos"), socially responsible data usage & social impact, on a scale never seen before.

We assume nothing & have been planning for everything, for this offering, for 10+ years. The simplistic beauty of explaining everything should astound you; together, we'll unlock, leverage & protect, the potential of mankind's greatest asset (our data).  Partner with us & we could be on TED and talk shows, promoting social responsibility & consumer advocacy, that everyone can partake in (just find a host), w/ a year or less! 

THE CONCEPT:  A 501(c)3 SOLUTION FOR SECURITY, PRIVACY & SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE RESEARCH, MARKETING & FUNDING THAT BENEFITS PHILANTHROPY... and the anonymous psychometric research data market (invaluable psychometric research data & services, sold as a charitable CSR donation of social responsibility):  

We address security & privacy by making market research data anonymous but invaluable with psychometrics, that reveals (80%+) the multiple traits, archetype patterns & multi-dimensional analysis of needs, motivations, value systems & experiences of an individual;  10+ years in the making*.  

Keywords: privacy mgmt, funding, security, business intelligence, psychometrics, research, AI, marketing, engineering, IC, philanthropy.  

Description: Deep Data Mining: This is a very comprehensive data collection strategy that uses pattern analysis and behavior prediction.  We are polymaths who analyze stuff like Einstein's Quantum Entanglement, and work on some of the most important unsolved problems in computer science (like P vs. NP: see Horizons for more on that), to allow us to reveal & leverage the deep behavioral patterns hidden in your anonymous BIG data).

NOTE:  BE SURE to scroll down below the buttons, where one of our Founders (our Director of Strategy, BI & Architecture) introduces (or just click ‎=> here).  You need to see it, if nothing else; as it speaks to our core mission: to integrate the multiple roles managing security, privacy/anonymity & responsible marketing, ‎deep research, philanthropy & consumer rights/ratings, required to establish & maintain integrity & trust in our objective.‎ 

[ I ]   THE APPLICATION(S):  A 501(c)3 SOLUTION FOR SECURITY, PRIVACY & SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE RESEARCH, MARKETING & FUNDING THAT BENEFITS PHILANTHROPY, ANONYMITYINC.NET™, by Digitally Dominant Data (DDD), a 501(C)3 division of DDA, via: GDPR-SAFE™‎ & ‎501c3-SME™‎ BIG Data Consulting, Psychometric Research & Philanthropy Services Club,™ ... aka "anonymous psychometric research data for sale that benefits each data donor’s philanthropy & fuels medical & market research", as:

(1) A Socially Progressive & Timely 501(c)3 ‎Response for the GDPR (from 10+ years of Plans / R&D / Solutions for its' arrival; expert in benefits / rights / responsibilities), (2) 501(c)3 Funding for every progressive company’s R&D (like G.E. R&D & much of corporate America does it) and (3) Psychometric Consulting for marketing, ‎web design, SEO/SEM & advertising (doubling dynamic response by appealing to predictable (80%+) needs, motivations and values).

“We need to address everyone’s security & privacy concerns, by making all market research data anonymous but ‎invaluable with psychometric, social & geo-demographic tags, which together reveals the multiple traits, archetype behavior ‎patterns & multi-dimensional analysis of each person's needs, motivations, value systems & experiences.  Albeit anonymous ‎‎(protecting privacy), licensed & socially responsible DEEP data research adds pattern analysis & behavior prediction (insight) to all ‎of our sponsor's & host's remarketing data.

All psychometric data & service sales are tax deductible, in addition to the philanthropic goodwill value & ‎focused, anonymous psychometric data insights you'll get, that you won't find elsewhere" Phil quoted (in the press). “along with ‎the support of worthy causes by their social impact & popularity” Phil added.‎‎  Click to Show and/or Hide the Sections below or click (HERE:toggles all), for the short story; for more detail see buttons #1-#5 below.

< A >  SYMBIOTIC GDPR, 501(c)3, BIG DATA, PSYCHOMETRIC & PHILANTHROPIC RESEARCH & DATA MARKETING SERVICES (Generating Invaluable Anonymous"Psychometric Research Insights" & Social Payback for People, their Hosts & Sponsors - ANONYMITYINC):

[ II ] THE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PARTNER OPPORTUNITY: As a services business that turns anonymous psychometric data into social data credit, ‎DDD's partnership is a 'sweet' deal for every big management consulting partner, as: (1) being a 501(c)3, for their ‎partner & their clients, DDD services are a deductible vs. a business expense, (2) for 10+ years research & best ‎practices, (3) the services business+ that partners will get (at good rates; everyone off the bench), (4) all the ‎psychographic research data partners can use & sell, (5) the positive branding of philanthropy for DDD partners, hosts ‎& sponsors and (6) all of the funds that this will generate for 501(c)3 philanthropy (from saving dogs to medical ‎research).

Click to Show and/or Hide Sections below or click (here: Toggle all)‎, to learn more about this limited, lucrative & exclusive offering of psychometric insight:

CRAFTING A NAT'L & GLOBAL RESEARCH FOR PHILANTHROPY STRATEGY: As former management consultants ourselves, we recognize that while the returns from consulting in 5+ of the hottest markets today (as deductibles), makes our initiatives easily sustainable, it's going to take the guidance & posture of one or more management consulting partners, who are beyond reproach (e.g. Trusted), to leverage the full potential of this different, simple & creative approach (anonymous but invaluable psychometric tags), that productively & symbiotically addresses Security, Privacy, Socially Responsible Research, Marketing, Funding & Philanthropy.

This is the underlying mission of Digitally Dominant Data which we have been planning for 10+ years, that includes measuring philanthropic social impact, and high security, data monitoring technologies. The net worth of this initiative? - with the right partner(s), several hundred million. 

In Closing: With the rediculous amount we know about security hacking, privacy, consumer rights, CSR & security-by-design (AI profile monitoring), it was surpising to realize that anonymity, integrity-by design (by plan), psychometric tags & a philanthropic recipe (roadmap: planning for every contingency) were the keys to unlocking psychometrics' research potential of insight for everyone.

The simple magic recipe is revealed in our mission statement for anonymityinc, highlighted on the previous page, the keys of how & what we are doing for the people (our clients), and our/ their philanthropic hosts & sponsors. This follows the largest correction in the stock market history, on July 27th, when Facebook lost $119 billion over their disregard for privacy.

GDPR-SAFE™‎, ‎501c3-SME™&™ are trademarks of Digitally Dominant Data, a division of Digitally Dominant Automotive LLC; @2018; offices in Watsonville, CA, Longmont, CO, Union City, GA & Palm Springs, CA; more coming very soon. 

GDPR-SAFE & 501c3 Consulting & Market Research Services Introduction by Phil Nakata, Director DDD
Links:  BCG White Paper,  TED Videos, Cone Communications ResearchDataCoup Review                            
A 501(c)3 solution for security, privacy & socially responsible research, marketing, funding & philanthropy, ‎
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movie, 2012; referenced from personal 1st hand participation; 1987, while working at a Philadelphia - University of PA/Drexel/Wharton Thinktank, developing asset allocation and financial analytics for SEI, Amex & Reuters.  Today, we think of BIG Data, Psychometric Pattern Analysis & Behavior Predictability...

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