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Digitally Dominant Automotive Solutions for Auto Dealerships

We work on some of the most important unsolved engineering & marketing problems in computer science & the auto industry, including but not limited to:  (1) OBD-II integration with our smart service that monitors remote tracking & diagnostics, associated with the management and warranties for all sub-systems & more aggressive automated scheduled maintenace, and the opcodes/dispatch codes for each make/model/vin, with improved security & faster access (e.g. NoSQL for cloud/legacy data),  (2) Equity Mining w/ Psychometrics & Philanthropy, (3) Psychometrics for Marketing, and (4) Facebook Apps with a Drupal 8 backend (e.g. Super smart & Personalized).  

If you just want something to drive in a few more new sales, this is the wrong place.  If you are looking for something to make sales go crazy, this is the right place to be.  Welcome to Digitally Dominant Automotive Solutions!

GDPR-SAFE™‎, ‎501c3-SME™&™ are trademarks of Digitally Dominant Data, a division of Digitally Dominant Automotive LLC; @2018; offices in Watsonville, CA, Longmont, CO, Union City, GA & Palm Springs, CA; more coming very soon.

Digitally Dominant Automotive Solutions

DIGITALLY DOMINANT AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS: Auto Industry CRM 3.0 w/ Psychometric Foresight, "SMART OBD-II" (event, dispatch, opcodes, overrides, warranties,  equity mgmt.), Equity Mining  w/ Foresight & Philanthropy, Psychometric Market Research & more ... like AI & Expert Systems that understands each customer & custom dispatching

Telematics, IFTTT/IoT, OBD-II, Psychometrics (DISC/OCEAN/Crystal), Linkedin, Media, OEM Research, GDPR, Relationship Reports, Advanced REST integration, Artificial Intelligence, ‎Personas/Personality Foresight Support “as a Service”, Business Intelligence, DevOps, Social, Mobile, Cloud, Security-by-Design (AI), Enterprise Architectures & CRM 3.0 Market Research, Changes, Findings, Markets‎ & more (like ANONYMITYINC.NET.   

We don't compete by copying the competition; we just build 'smarter'  apps & services that leverage the leading auto tech & Enterprise Big Data tech (security, NoSQL, Cloud, XML Messaging, Constraint logic, Social Psychometrics) , while working on some of the most important, unsolved problems of computer science.  We are business & technical polymaths with a history & vision. 

[ I ]   If you are an auto expert and think you know everything there is to know about your industry & your customers, we find that runs a bit contrary to the fact that the world of fast auto I/T & cloud tech has little to do with simple SQL or relational databases, and few auto managers understand (like big corporate managers know) how psychometrics easily doubles sales & customer satisfaction, by predictably addressing each person's needs, motivation and values.  

Given our experience with legacy programming, DevOps, psychometrics, AI, business intelligence, analytics & Enterprise technologies, we document everything, and share our expertise openly with other Open Source Enterprise programmers & research professionals (across multiple industries), effectively enticing our competition to collaborate vs. compete w/ our polymath approach to any data challenge (e.g. What you didn't know that you didn't know, or future reverse engineering).

< A >   Respectively, understanding the deep analytics & outputs we will generate from your data, external data, devices, and from our IT and psychometric programming services is much akin to learning to sail a boat, or drive a car.  It doesn't take much for anyone to grasp the basics, but few people have the time, nor interest, nor natural abilities, to learn to master these arts, which only comes from extensive experience and insight studying the objective from angles the competition hasn't mastered .  For example, while most people would think speed and weight wins the race game, for many years fuel mileage that required one less pitstop was the deciding factor.

< B >   We can show you how to generate more billable revenues for your sales people, developing needs analysis for prospects, that gives each prospect a charitable, tax deductible receipt for that billing, similar to being a tax consultant.  That's true thinking outside of the box and likely a story you haven't heard before.  It will also significantly reduce your attrition.  

Similarly, using psychometrics, it's easy to scoop your competition, from a crystal ball like understanding of each person's very predictable needs, motivations and values, and the associated best ways to communicate (phone, email, in-person) with each prospect & client, based on each salesperson's personality.  It will also be help your teams collaborate better with the objective of best fulfilling their collective needs, motivations and values for their efforts, picking the right people also from the start.

[ II ]    DDA's business focuses primarily on technology & services that leverage our engineering expertise & enterprise data analysis/content manipulation skills with OBD-II 'Smart devices, DTCs, OPCODES, dispatch codes, parts, pricing, overrides, VIN decoding, schema changing content, security, legacy/ cloud/ NoSQL data, CMR3, equity mining, psychometrics, automation that's smarter than salespeople, digital marketing & more from our collective 60+ years in professional services.  Our break-throughs are thus, significant and rival the OEMs.  A couple of examples follow:

< A >    "SMART OBD-II" SERVICE(S):  What started out as a service program for OBD-II DTCs (trouble codes), IFTTT & automated factory maintenance scheduling for new cars, has morphed into a more automated and intelligent service dispatch & sustained equity assurance program, that simplifies the mystery, complexity & other overhead associated with OPCODES, Dispatch Codes, DTC's, and the finer details of factory recommended scheduling (per all parts & subsystems) associated with the various warranties, rebates, parts, overrides & pricing, which for most DMS systems, these dispatch details are still half manual (e.g. CDK vs. Toyota) and proprietary (e.g. Non-standard)... which we aim to fix.  

This gives our claim of being able to increase the average equity value of any car by at least 5% over 5 years validity, as we are watching over every subsystem's subcomponents, in addition to overriding the system defaults (ex:  Reducing synthetic oil changes from 10k => 5k miles, similar to fleet vehicles & their warranties), and documenting everything (like fleet services do for similar reasons).  Combine that w/ service by a factory certifed dealership & personal philanthropy... and you have clear market winner on multiple fronts.

Note:    Aaron's brainstorm for our "Smart OBD-II" initiative was based on the research of CDK's poor implementation of dispatching, which requires dealers to enter information that should have been automated though advanced programming technologies.  Also, similar to Toyota, our objective is to standardize the opcodes and dispatch codes, that support the warranties on all parts vs. just major sub-systems. 

< B >   EQUITY MINING:  What we are doing for this component of auto sales, is about as significant as; (1) when Adwords got started, (2) when car automation started (Ford), and/or (3) when Oracle transformed from content management to marketing by analytics (a natural data transition similar to all of the major data providers/analysts).  

In the process of researching everything standardized about this market, we also grappled with understanding all of the cases where the conventional processes were not being successfully leveraged.  

Based on those findings, we developed an approach similar to the BI analytics for the Insurance & Fortune 500 industries, that maps psychographics (e.g. Lifestyle & psychometric variables)... e.g. needs, motivations & values per character type to a person's predictable likelihood of making a purchase, irregardless of their apparent financial status (which is the key indicator of most systems).

Based on need alone, these are the 'oddballs' events, that occur by post-analysis (people are creative, finding a way to fulfill their key needs), and which, by leveraging psychometrics & personality reports (client to salesperson's personality maps) will give our clients a significant advantage over their competition.  It's not magic, just good data analytics like actuaries do everyday.

< C >    PSYCHOMETRICS FOR AUTO DEALERSHIPS:  As a key forte' or expertise, something we could discuss for hours or just minutes (if you view our presentation), this a a key contribution that can affect virtually every part of your operation to increase customer satisfaction, sales and team building, by just having the computer & big data help us out.  

As one of the most powerful metrics for research (carrying 6-10 trait and behavioral 'habits' per personality type/class/archetype) every conceived, it is logically and financially irresponsible of you, to not review our offers in detail.  To get started, see our references below and watch of the some videos before giving us a call.

[ III ]    READY TO LEARN MORE?  Then we welcome you to our world.  We'll help you stay 5 steps ahead of your competition.  Please select your interest from the links & videos below, or just contact us.  We are easy to talk to :).  

Digitally Dominant Automotive All Services Presentation
Automatic Pro Version 2

To See this video, Click HERE.                                                 

While Automatic does make your car a little smarter based on programming for specific 'events', it is just an interface that primarily was designed to read DTC (diagnostic trouble codes).  What make it a truly smart device is (1) associating it with a really smart server (what we do), that integrates (2) each car's factory recommended maintenance schedule (time & mileage based), (3) the OBD-II's diagnostics, and (4) the OPCODES the dealership and OEM use to process service work, that is (5) further associated with parts, and relations associated with everything from (6) rebates to (7) recalls... e.g. the secret is in understanding the OPCODES.  We also go further, by associating service the requires an appointment with automated scheduling that is more aggressive than the factory recommended schedule, to insure the optimized equity is maintained for your vehicle.

Better Equity Mining next, but ours is even better than that...

Click the first button to see a better approach to equity mining (e.g. clean up the data).  By comparision, DDA's approach to equity mining puts psychometrics to work for your advantage, along with your prospective role (as a Host and/or Sponsor) of your client's and visitor's anonymous data with AnonymityInc.Net.


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